Gender Data 101

Gender Data 101

What does gender data really mean? What frameworks and tools can help make our development efforts more data-informed and equitable? Designed for gender advisors, data specialists, and other development professionals, this course unpacks complex and practical considerations to understand, use, and share gender data with the ultimate goal of impact.

Course Description

Gender Data 101 is a 5-week blended online course featuring live events with gender and data experts. The course begins with establishing a foundation of gender and data and ends with actionable steps to employ gender data to create impactful programs. The course delves into best practices, methodologies, and tools to utilize when working with gender data. Additionally, Gender Data 101 engages learners to limit biases, close gender gaps, and incorporate intersectional thinking throughout each step of the gender data lifecycle.

Course Overview

Week 1: Fundamentals of Gender and Data

Week 2: Gender Data Collection and Processing

Week 3: Gender Data Analysis

Week 4: Gender Data Visualization

Week 5: Gender Data Uptake and Impact

Course Objectives

  • Define best practices needed for gender data at all stages of the data life cycle: collection, processing, analysis, visualization, uptake, and impact.
  • Analyze gender-specific gaps and biases that emerge when working with data.
  • Engage in more nuanced and informed dialogue about what gender data is, why it matters, and how to nurture it.

Activities Include:

  • Gender data scavenger hunt
  • Interactive data processing
  • Gender data infographic creation
  • Open-source gender data geo-mapping
  • Gender data impact program outlines

Next Session

Started May 18, 2020